Threshold 2: The Stars Light Up

BHP Team

The early Universe was dark and cold until a few atoms of hydrogen and helium got together. A star was born. With the birth of the first stars, a fantastic chain of events occurred that enabled a diversity of elements and chemistry. Anything was possible.

Learn more about how stars first formed and how the lives and deaths of stars provided the chemical diversity necessary for even more complex things in Unit 3 – Stars & Elements.

BHP Experts – CrashCourse

BHP Team

The Big History Project has teamed up with big historian David Baker and the brothers Green over at CrashCourse to create a new, ten-episode series. John and Hank Green bring their powerful brains and formidable sense of humor to explain the big ideas of Big History. These new videos are woven into the course adding a powerful complement to the existing video lectures.

Check out all the BHP CrashCourse videos on the course site at, and also on our YouTube channel.