Andrea Wilford
Big History Teacher, 9th Grade
Muscatine, IA

Ever hear the story about the little engine that could?  Think about that story and apply it to a rock.  Call that rock, “the little rock that could”…that could become a planet some day, and there you have the story of accretion.  In Big History, the students learn about the concept of accretion in Unit 4 when learning about the origins of the planets and stars.  Some of the most fun we have had this year was “practicing” accretion!  Big History provides a lesson plan that our students found very engaging.  We practiced “accreting” several times–the students begin their rotation around the sun as individual dust particles that slowly accrete, creating larger and larger objects from chondrule, to meteoroid, to asteroid, to planetoid, until at last, under gravitational pull, a planet is born!  It was a fun, engaging way to master yet another Big History concept. Check out the BHP Activity here, and our student video below!

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One thought on “Want to Form a Planet? Learn to Accrete!

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    Prof. Navid Shahzad


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