BHP Team

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve just released new updates to the BHP website and curriculum. These include training and professional development resources, new activities and curriculum enhancements, and an improved teacher console.

See details below, and check out all the live updates on the Big History Project website.


Training and Professional Development Resources
Teaching Big History Unit: We’ve added a new section devoted to training and PD. Always on, always available, access a wealth of resources to get you up to speed on the Big History narrative, website, setting up your class, working with stakeholders, and tips on our pedagogy and approach.

Quick Step Training Videos: These short videos cover the basics of setting up and settling-in to your Big History course. And if video isn’t your thing, check out the printable PDF companion document.

Teaching Big History Training Videos: Featuring past and present teachers, these provide tips and tricks on teaching reading, writing, and interdisciplinarity, and on tackling Claim Testing and assessment.


Curriculum Updates
Articles by David Baker: From Big History historian and author Dr. David Baker, these articles highlight the contributions of African and Asian cultures to our stories of origin, collective learning, industry and the sciences, as well as their roles in global unification.

Jacqueline Howard Presents: Brought to you by Huffington Post and Big History Project, Jacqueline Howard Presents videos are the perfect combination of entertainment and education. Ms. Howard delivers fresh perspectives on a variety of Big History topics. Check out lesson 8.3 and watch her do a quick history of money.

New and improved investigation writing activities:

  • New Investigation 5: This teacher-written investigation invites students to explore and respond to the question: “How does evolution drive extinction?”
  • New writing rubric: You told us the writing rubric could be better, and we listened. We’ve simplified the language to make it easier to use, and added direct reference to Big History concepts like Claim Testing and scale.
  • New writing activities: Put that new rubric to work with new Investigation writing activities in units 6, 7, 8, and 9. These activities reinforce writing skills by having students zoom in on one or two criteria at a time, and having them grade their own and others’ writing.


Improved Teacher Console
Student scores and status
: We’ve made student assessment data more discoverable by providing two clear ways to access it: (1) while setting up a class and (2) from the top navigation of the Teacher Console.

New Yammer feed: Don’t miss any of the action in the Big History Teacher Community. Now see recent community conversations right in the teacher console.

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