Suzanne Buckley
8th Grade
Kerala, India

In preparation for BHP lesson 2.0 How did our understanding of the Universe change?, I prompted my students with an essay assignment. The essay prompt was, “How has your view of the universe changed over time?” This writing assignment produced some thought provoking essays, and started my students’ thinking on what it’s like to have ideas develop over time.


Even this early in the curriculum, most of the students talked about how the BH course has influenced their views. Additionally, each essay showed how students’ views changed as they were increasingly exposed to knowledge. Small things such as a chance remark by a sibling, a video, a book, or a teacher have a big impact on my students’ viewpoints.

This set the stage perfectly to tackle lesson 2.0, the Changing Views Timeline activity, and the Views of the Universe Debate activity. Having thought about changing views in their own life, my students were better able to think through our changing views of the Universe, and even see themselves as part of this great narrative!

Views of the Universe Debate


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