Greg Dykhouse
BHP Teacher, 9th-10th Grade
Holland, MI

I’ve shown the lesson 2.1 video Questions About the Big Bang to my students during each of the last three years teaching BHP. Not only does the video illustrate necessary knowledge about the Big Bang, it provides an opportunity for great teachable moments.

Two points in particular tend to stand out for my students. First, Janna Levin shares the fact that mathematics and science were not favorite subjects of hers (she shares that she discovered her love for these subjects later during her studies; perhaps she was not encouraged to explore them in high school). Second, the fact that she (not HE) is now a professor of physics and astronomy is telling; this reminds students of the possibilities for women in post-secondary studies.

Not only does this video have great content on the Big Bang. I find it useful to share Janna’s testimony to young high school students. Both boys and girls respond well to her summaries.


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