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As California goes, so goes the world. Or something like that. California has not only seen the first deployment of Big History in an inner city public high school, California has also seen Big History’s first official accreditation, which was given by one of the most prestigious public university systems in the world—the University of California (UC).

To be admitted to UC, students must take a total of 15 “A-G” courses in high school, including at least two history/social science courses. In order to preserve UC’s high standards, courses must be reviewed and approved in advance before they can be counted toward admission to the university. Each course must be submitted to UC’s Office of the President and meet strenuous requirements for approval.

uc-bhpBig History Project-World History (BHP-World History) has been approved as an “A” history/social science course. This version of the BHP course integrates about six weeks’ worth of world history content. To make time for that additional content, other parts of the course are slightly compressed.

Want to teach BHP-World History at your school with UC approval? 
Because BHP-World History has already been approved as a program by the University of California, you don’t have to submit your application with the UC. Instead, you must submit your application to the Big History Project, and then simply notify the UC. Follow these simple steps (and hurry! There’s not much time left):

  1. Review the BHP-World History course plan, available here.
  2. Using the BHP course plan template, document how you plan to teach the course at your school. Note that you only need to detail any differences from the standard course plan. We expect most schools will change about 10 percent of the course. If you want to make more substantive changes, let us know and we can work with you to help create a version that fits your needs.
  3. Email your course plan to us at Help us out by putting “UC Approval” in the subject line. Be sure to attach your course plan to the email.

We’ll review your plan and get back to you as quickly as we can—within a couple of weeks. Once you’ve received approval from us, you need to notify the University of California by September 15 that you’re planning to teach a previously approved course. The University of California has set up a course management portal here.

Drop us a line at We’ll do everything we can to help!

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