The Importance of Routines

Bridgette Byrd O’Connor, BHP Teacher Louisiana, USA Note from BHP Team: This post is from Session 2.2: Teaching Coherence of our free, online PD course, Teaching Big History.  Establishing routines in the Big History course is a lot like gathering the precise ingredients and perfect Goldilocks Conditions for what you’d like to achieve. You want just … Continue reading The Importance of Routines

Making Craters (and Messes!)

Dave Burzillo, BHP Teacher Massachusetts, USA Making Craters, in Lesson 5.4, is one of a series of new science activities recently added to Big History to engage student interest in science through experiment, observation, and data analysis. Lesson 5.4 focuses on the impact of cosmic collisions with Earth, and this hands-on activity asks students to … Continue reading Making Craters (and Messes!)

Thinking Like a Big Historian

Lucy Bennison Laffitte, MEd, PhD Executive Committee, International Big History Association North Carolina, USA One of the ways to think like a Big Historian is to use the concepts that describe phenomena from one sector – cosmos, Earth, life, or humanity – as metaphors to understand phenomena in another sector. For instance, when we say … Continue reading Thinking Like a Big Historian