Bridgette Byrd O’Connor, BHP Teacher Louisiana, USA Many surveys have been conducted and articles written about American students’ knowledge of geography, or lack thereof. A quick Google search results in article titles such as “Young Americans Geographically Illiterate” (National Geographic) and “Another Piece of Evidence that America’s Students Know Little About Their Country” (The Atlantic). … Continue reading MEANINGFUL TASKS MAKE GEOGRAPHY FUN

History Teachers: Our Time is Now

Casey Lever, Big History Teacher Queensland, Australia Teachers have both an instinctive and a conscious understanding that our role in young people’s lives is vital, and so for the most part we go placidly amidst the noise and haste, ignoring the sound and fury of criticism, often unfair comparisons, and threats of cutbacks that break … Continue reading History Teachers: Our Time is Now


Scott Collins, BHP Teacher Illinois, USA Finals have begun, which makes for even longer days, as does entering grades and completing all the other tasks that come with putting a bow on the semester. It’s dark as I leave school. I’m hungry, and the golden arches are shining brightly through my windshield. A quick drive … Continue reading DINNER’S READY! HUNTER-GATHERER EDITION