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Headed to San Francisco this fall for the NCSS Annual Conference? The Big History Project team will be there in full force (*cough* David Christian and Bob Bain will both be there *cough*), and we’d love to meet with you! If you’re interested in setting up a meeting, shoot us a note at

As the conference dates (November 15-19) approach, we’ll update this post with all the juicy details on our whereabouts. (Last updated: 10/25/17)



Impacting Student Writing and Thinking:  Big History Project Teachers Perspectives

Content is not curriculum. Developing student practices in writing and thinking requires consistency, clarity, and strong pedagogical thinking.  Join Professor Bob Bain and teachers from the Big History Project to discuss their approaches (and successes) in using BHP course resources to teach wide range of students to ‘think on paper.’


David Christian is by training a historian of Russia and the Soviet Union. In 1989, he began teaching courses on ‘Big History’ at Macquarie University, surveying the past on the largest possible scales, including those of biology and astronomy. In 2004, he published the first text on ‘Big History’. In 2009 Bill Gates became very interested in Big History; he contacted Dr. Christian, and they collaborated on developing the free online course that is now available for high school students all over the world.


“Content is not Curriculum”: Making and using the best in OER

This session looks at OER (Open Educational Resources) and the lessons of the Big History Project as an effort to create a great OER course. Too often OER is simply a set of assets from which teachers will build or supplement a course. How should we think about skills development as in the Arc of Inquiry? How will teachers come to understand and improve these materials? How do OER communities become communities of practice? Great OER must be seen as more than a collection of assets and lessons but an ongoing effort to improve instruction in the social studies.

4. WE’LL BE IN BOOTH #320 

  • Stop by on Friday and Saturday to chat with the team and current BHP teachers. And maybe snag a snazzy poster. It’s always a good time.

Got questions? Drop us a line at

More soon!
-BHP Team

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