BHP Team

It’s no secret that the online Big History Teacher Community is a special one. Every day, the thousands of members

  • Share lesson plans and advice on upcoming activities
  • Ask and answer questions about tricky course concepts and content
  • Update each other on current events related to Big History
  • …and so much more!

We want to acknowledge that Big History can be a tough course to wrap your head around, and celebrate those going the extra mile to help others with the charge of teaching BHP. We also want to celebrate folks newer to the course who are demonstrating incredible thoughtfulness, intentionality, and vulnerability in asking those tough questions.

So, share time: Who has helped or impressed you recently in Yammer? We want to know!


  • Email
  • Subject line: BHP Teacher Nomination
  • Body of email: Tell us who the teacher is, how they helped or impressed you, and why you believe they’re deserving of some recognition!

We’ll publish a blog post with all the nominations in next month’s newsletter, and send a little something special to nominators and nominees!


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