BHP Team 

We recently called on folks to nominate BHP teachers who exemplify helpfulness in the online BHP teacher community and beyond. We received an outpouring of nominations. Here’s a sampling! We are all lucky to work with a group of such dedicated, positive, and passionate educators. Thanks for all you do!

Scott Henstrand‘s thoughtful guidance and words of wisdom are incredibly valuable to Big History teachers. His passion about education is contagious, and inspires those he encounters to strive to be better teachers. On Yammer, Scott’s tone is calming while his advice is positive and insightful. He has an amazing ability to make struggling teachers feel they are doing a good job and that the problems they are facing will work out over time if they persist. Scott’s approach to education motivates me to challenge my students to achieve at a higher level. He is a tremendous asset to his students and Big History teachers. – Anonymous

I would like to nominate Angela McLaughlin for the BHP teacher award here at Wedgewood Park. This is our school’s first year using BHP and she has done an amazing job scaffolding the curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse sixth- and seventh-grade population. She has gone above and beyond to supplement the curriculum, making it more engaging and manageable for our younger kids while still keeping the rigor and academic focus of the curriculum. She also shares her strategies with the rest of our teachers, helping us all deliver quality instruction. – Anonymous

The teacher I am nominating is Mrs. Kellie Burkhardt from Oliver Wolcott Technical High School. This is our first year piloting BHP at our school and she has been a tremendous help in designing lessons and planning the course. – Jennifer Garzone

I would like to nominate teacher Erik Christensen at Granada Hills High School Charter in Los Angeles County. I am Eric’s advisor from the Claremont Graduate University Teacher Education Program. I have observed his growth embracing Big History. I have been in his classroom over 20 hours and I can confirm how Big History has engaged all of his students and promoted academic analysis skills. I hope I can convey additional info for you.  – Deborah Baroi

Bridgette O’Connor‘s guidance to those teachers having to deal with challenges on religion has been a godsend  to Big History. She eases the fears of first-time Big History teachers who are facing questions about the content, and is always the first to share exemplars with teachers. Bridgette has a practical approach to teaching, and her advice is always well-articulated and easy to follow. She is a model Big History educator. – Anonymous

I’d like to nominate Jennifer Garzone  at Oliver Wolcott Technical High School for the BHP teacher award. Jenn has worked tirelessly to adapt the BHP curriculum so that it accessible to her students while keeping her students’ best interests in mind, coaches football, and has just recently gotten married! She’s been an incredible colleague throughout the implementation of BHP at our school and there is no one I would rather work with! – Kellie Burkardt

I would like to nominate Kathy Hays. She is always so helpful on Yammer. When I went to the BHP cluster meeting this past summer in San Diego, she approached me as soon as I walked in. Also, what she does above and beyond for her students is so inspirational. She is out of this world! – Hajra Saeed

Is there someone else we should know about and celebrate? Shoot a note to to let us know.

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