BHP Team

The Big History Project (BHP) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program share a belief in interdisciplinary learning and inquiry. Both programs encourage students to explore big questions and to draw widely upon the insights of others when doing so. This is why we see so many schools from the IB’s Middle Years Program (MYP) teaching the BHP course. Many have found the course to share much with the program in terms of orientation and fit.

To make the process of planning a course in MYP programs, BHP asked teachers to share and make available their course documents. Working with our friends from the IB in The Hague, we pulled together a summary of what a BHP course might look like in the form of an MYP Unit Planner. These plans are not etched in stone, which is why we are delivering them as Word docs rather than polished PDFs. They are meant to be a first draft that teachers revise and edit to fit the needs of their students and their classrooms. If you come up with something great, please share with our online BHP teacher community. We hope these documents will lead to a lively conversation among MYP teachers around the globe.

MYP Unit 1 Planner
MYP Unit 2 Planner
MYP Unit 3 Planner
MYP Unit 4 Planner
MYP Unit 5 ID Planner
MYP Unit 5 Planner
MYP Unit 6 Planner
MYP Unit 7 Planner
MYP Unit 8 Planner
MYP Unit 9 Planner
MYP Unit 10 Planner

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

2 thoughts on “Big History and the IB Middle Years Program

  1. I want to more about bhp….i can not see its mention in i&s guide. What is this course about? I am teaching ib myp i&s and dp history since last 10 years.
    Jalpana roy


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