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You may have heard –David Christian, the father of the Big History Project, has written a new book. BHP teachers across the globe have been eagerly anticipating the release of Origin Story for months, and a few have already designed classroom activities based on portions of it. We highlight one such activity here, created by Australian teachers Casey Lever (Queensland) and Melissa Brady (New South Wales). It’s based on a chapter of Origin Story we’ve made free for download.

Origin Story free chapter download

Unit 10 Activity: Predicting What’s Next

Try it out, and let us know what you think in the BHP Teacher Community! (PS: David will be moderating an Exchange session there SELRES_94575c2d-2387-4b24-8e03-0b054e90c2ceSELRES_d985a8be-740a-41ec-b0e4-7e77b113be92May 7-11—mark your calendars!)

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