BHP Team

Grab your calendar! Big History Project teachers are meeting in select locations across the United States, and we hope you can join! (You can RSVP here.)

This summer, convenings will be split into two parts: information sessions and Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings. You’re welcome to attend one or both parts! Here’s what you can expect at each:

  • Part 1: Info Sessions—Just getting your feet wet? Let’s chat about course content and instructional approach. We’ll get hands-on with core activities and help you decide whether the course is a good fit for your school. Appropriate for teachers and administrators alike!
  • Part 2: PLC Meetings—Teaching BHP next year? Let’s get planning! This part is more appropriate for folks who will be teaching the full course in 2018/19. It’ll be highly collaborative and focused on sharing instructional best practices. Appropriate for first-year and veteran year BHP-ers alike!

There’s limited capacity at each session– please RSVP as soon as you can, and a BHP team member will reach out with more information. (PS – we’re including the full list of where we’ll be, as we know folks often travel during summer months!)


Locations and dates:
Los Angeles, CA: July 16
Milwaukee, WI: July 17
Mesa, AZ: July 24
Phoenix, AZ: July 25
Yes, we’re offering TWO sessions in Arizona!
Stockton, CA: July 31
Indianapolis, IN: July 31
Denver, CO: July 31
Chicago, IL: August 1
Miami, FL: August 2
Charlotte, NC: August 8
Iowa City, IA: August 8
Washington, DC: August 9
Seattle, WA: August 14
Lenoir, NC: August 14
Hartford, CT: August 14
San Diego, CA: August 15
New York, NY: August 20
Novi, MI: August 21
Trenton, NJ: August 23

*Note: Most meetings will be in the afternoons, with info sessions preceding PLC meetings. A member of our team will reach out with details related to the location you choose!

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