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Throughout the BHP course, we put a lot of emphasis on writing, and the results are compelling. Our research shows that with clear, consistent feedback over the course of a year, students get better at writing. Great! How do we get even better, faster? Increase how often we give students feedback on their work. But asking teachers to grade more isn’t feasible. So, we reached out to our friends at TurnItIn and asked them if they thought using machine scoring of essays would help. Together, we launched a pilot program using their product, Revision Assistant, with about 3,000 students across the country.

BHP Score and Revision Assistant

The results from the pilot program were highly encouraging. Rather than waiting days or weeks for results, students got immediate feedback that helped them understand and implement the expectations of the BHP Writing Rubric as they wrote. Many teachers reported it gave them a new tool, one that enabled workshops and conferences in ways not previously possible, without replacing their role in the feedback process. Teachers were able to sit side-by-side with students to review results in real-time and strategize with them about how to improve their writing.

BHP Score is a powerful tool that can help students significantly improve their writing by giving them frequent, consistent feedback. Teachers can spend less time grading, and more time providing individualized writing instruction.

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and using BHP Score in your classroom:

BHP Score Guide

More interested in instructional tips? Check out the new module on teaching writing in our online PD course, Teaching Big History.

Online PD: Teaching Writing

As always, we’re an email away if you have any technical questions! Reach out to

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