BHP Team

Vocabulary has to be more than just a list of words students memorize and bemoan. These words represent big (and sometimes medium-sized) concepts critical to each unit of the Big History Project course (BHP). And, it turns out, just memorizing the definition doesn’t always help students understand what the word means. To really get the idea behind each word, you need to see it in a variety of contexts.

BHP teachers: We heard you, and we made some adjustments to the vocab activities in the course. You’ll now find newly formatted worksheets (they’re now a little more printer friendly!) for the two vocabulary activities in each of BHP’s 10 units.

Here are the two vocab activities from Unit 3. (Note: Each unit contains a Vocabulary Part 1 and Vocabulary Part 2 activity.)

View Vocabulary Part 1 from Unit 3

View Vocabulary Part 2 from Unit 3

Try them out, and let us know what you think of the updates in Yammer!

And it’s always fun to hear about other stellar vocab activities teachers use in class.

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