BHP Team

The Australian Curriculum exists to assist all Australian teachers, regardless of state jurisdiction or sector. Now, the Big History Project curriculum is mapped and aligned with the Australian Curriculum, providing rich and engaging opportunities for Australian students to develop valued historical knowledge, concepts, and skills, and the general capabilities taught throughout the Australian Curriculum.

This alignment offers you an exciting new opportunity for your classroom. View the alignment document to learn the specific ways in which BHP aligns with the Australian Curriculum, and to get specific ideas for course integration and student activities. BHP helps students deepen their knowledge of historical concepts and develop historical skills through careful scaffolding via the materials and activities offered. This formalised alignment brings new possibilities to engage students in the Big History of the Universe, all while meeting the criteria required for Australian students’ academic journey.

View the alignment of the Big History Project with the Australian Curriculum.


Cover image: Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash.


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