BHP Team

The annual National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) conference never fails to inspire! We just returned home from a fantastic weekend in Chicago, where we had the good fortune of connecting with BHP educators from around the country. Conversations with teachers always inspire new ideas for our approach to curriculum, community, and PD.

Here are some highlights from BHP’s weekend at the Chicago conference:

BHP teachers rock it

Folks got up and moving at this session! Eight BHP teachers hosted mini-sessions on classroom activities related to writing. (The real magic behind the incredible growth BHP students see in writing is the wisdom of their teachers and the ways in which they modify course activities to fit their classrooms.) Student work samples prompted great conversations among veteran and prospective BHP teachers.


Bob Bain dazzles

Professor Bain brought us up to date on his research. We deepened our understanding of the importance of narrative and scale-switching. Telling one story is not enough – there are different scales in history; tacking back and forth between them is what’s needed when “doing history.”


District leaders impress

John Nabors from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Rebecca Wray from Gaston County Schools, and Jennie Eckstein from Milwaukee Public Schools are all overseeing district deployments of BHP. They shared their wisdom and advice for supporting networks of schools with successful OER implementation. Hint: Building a thriving teacher community is at the heart!


The BHP booth

More commonly referred to as the “BHP Clubhouse,” it was the gathering spot for teachers all weekend. There was no shortage of conversation about classroom tips and tricks!


See you in Austin!

A big Big History THANKS to all those we got to connect with this year at NCSS. We’ll see you in Austin in 2019!

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