BHP Team
Washington, USA

If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve likely registered for an upcoming virtual BHP PLC. Hooray! (If not, you can still register here!) Two reminders:

  1. Wear your pajamas.Seriously. There will be a contest for the most outrageous footed onesie.
  1. Do your 17 minutes of pre-work. (Find below.)To keep our short time together focused on conversation and ideas-sharing, we ask that you invest a little time up-front in reviewing resources that will help us have a common vocabulary. We promise to limit pre-work to 17 minutes. (Because what teacher has 20 spare minutes of time?!)

Pre-work for January 13 and 15 (Writing)

  • (6-min watch) “Writing, Take 2” from Session 8 of Teaching Big History
    Watch the video.
  • (6-min read) “5 Pro Tips for Improving Student Writing with BHP Score”
    Read the blog post.6 + 5 + 6 = 17. See?

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