Welcome to the Big History Project

Looking at the really big picture reveals unexpected connections. If you want to know about humanity, you have to look at the whole Universe. The Big History Project is a free, online social studies course that teaches the whole history of the Universe, from the Big Bang to the modern day, and into the future. We utilize multiple disciplines and a focus on critical thinking to tell this story, and provide students with a framework to contextualize all knowledge.

Hundreds of teachers around the world are teaching Big History, and this blog captures their experiences. You’ll hear stories from brick and mortar schools, 1:1 classrooms, and everything in between. Our teachers are urban, suburban, rural, public, independent, American, and international.

This blog brings their stories to life, and offers a snapshot of what Big History might be like in your classroom.

Our community is growing rapidly, and we’re so glad to have you here.

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