Do civilizations collapse?

The idea that the Maya or Easter Islanders experienced an apocalyptic end makes for good television but bad archaeology.  Adapted for publication and use by Big History Project from the essay “Do Civilisations Collapse?” by Guy D. Middleton, published on Note from BHP Team: Collapse. Was this the fate of civilizations like the Maya and … Continue reading Do civilizations collapse?

The Power of Vocabulary

Kim Lochner, BHP Teacher Queensland, Australia When my husband collected me from the airport, he warned me that I might get a shock when I got home. Although I’d been away only two weeks, we were experiencing an oppressive Australian summer. There had been scorching temperatures and no rain; everything had turned brown and crisp. … Continue reading The Power of Vocabulary

Teacher as Lead Learner: Getting Comfortable with Not Knowing

Rachel Hansen, BHP Teacher Iowa, USA Note from the BHP Team: Inspired by this blog to be a part of the Big History Project community? Sign up today and get access to hundreds of free activities, resources, and tools that span 13.8 billion years of history! How close can we get to the Sun? Why does … Continue reading Teacher as Lead Learner: Getting Comfortable with Not Knowing