Photos Intensify Unit 9 Learning

Kathy Hays, BHP Teacher Arizona, USA They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. This was especially true when I shared the La Carretera Photo Essay from Unit 9 of the BHP course with my students and engaged them with the Highways and Change activity. The activity asks kids to interpret the extent to which … Continue reading Photos Intensify Unit 9 Learning

What are the Impacts of Interconnection?

BHP Team “To what extent has the Modern Revolution been a positive or a negative force?” is the driving question for Unit 9. The Interoceanic Highway provides an excellent opportunity to examine both the good and bad aspects of interconnection today. As we learn more about its impact, this road leads to important questions about … Continue reading What are the Impacts of Interconnection?

Little Big Histories Deep-Dive

BHP Team This month, we’re digging deep into BHP’s Little Big History (LBH) projects. It’s the season to do so, after all! Across the globe, Big History teachers are engaging students in this individualized research project, which serves as a capstone for the course. If you ask  BHP teachers what they love about Little Big … Continue reading Little Big Histories Deep-Dive