Teotihuacan: Artifacts and Symbols

BHP Team This activity, created by Louisiana-based BHP teacher Bridgette O’Connor, gets students closely examining the artifacts and symbols of the ancient civilization Teotihuacan (which existed from around 100 BCE to 550 CE in what is today Central Mexico). Students document the conditions surrounding the discovery of certain artifacts, explain how these items teach us … Continue reading Teotihuacan: Artifacts and Symbols

Tackling Teotihuacan in My BHP-World Classroom

Hajra Saeed, BHP Teacher California, USA Unit 7 (Agriculture and Early Civilizations) of the Big History Project curriculum is absolutely packed with content. Because I teach BHP-World, I strive to cover the content in as much depth as possible, which often means I’m pressed for time. I do like to add new activities, but because … Continue reading Tackling Teotihuacan in My BHP-World Classroom


Todd Nussen, BHP Teacher New York, USA From preparing for the potential impact of a changing climate, to working out methods to feed a quickly growing population, it certainly seems that we’re concerned about our future. As history teachers, we feel obligated to make sure our students understand their world today. Don’t we also have … Continue reading THINKING CRITICALLY ABOUT THE FUTURE