Little Big Histories Deep-Dive

BHP Team This month, we’re digging deep into BHP’s Little Big History (LBH) projects. It’s the season to do so, after all! Across the globe, Big History teachers are engaging students in this individualized research project, which serves as a capstone for the course. If you ask  BHP teachers what they love about Little Big … Continue reading Little Big Histories Deep-Dive

Academic Vocabulary: From “Yawn” to Applause!

Erik Christensen, BHP Teacher California, USA We realize there are amazing connections to be made between BHP’s unit driving questions (DQs), the Investigations, and the lesson/unit vocabulary. Our teaching model uses student writing—spread over a few days during each unit—to make these connections pop. Here’s how it works: We tackle the Text Genome Part 1 … Continue reading Academic Vocabulary: From “Yawn” to Applause!

Assessment in the Interest of Student Learning

Rachel Phillips, BHP Team, Learning Scientist Washington, USA Note: Rachel moderated a discussion on this topic in the online BHP Teacher Community November 2017. View the archive here! Oh, assessments. They weren’t much fun as a student, and they haven’t become any more fun as a teacher! They’re hard to create, hard to grade, hard … Continue reading Assessment in the Interest of Student Learning