A love letter to Big History

Charlotte Meijer, Netherlands BHP outreach coordinator and former BHP student  [De Nederlandse versie van deze blog post vind je hier.] Big History to me was love at first sight. Growing up, I wanted to be everything, ranging from paleontologist and archaeologist to “girl of nature” (a sort of Jane Goodall, if you will). Going to … Continue reading A love letter to Big History

Double Down on Writing

BHP Team Washington, USA In October, we shared an overview of the 10 Investigation writing activities that are woven into the BHP curriculum. This month, we revisit BHP’s writing focus with new materials from our professional development course, Teaching Big History. In the Big History course, writing is a tool for understanding history, and a … Continue reading Double Down on Writing

Teacher Takes: Writing in BHP

BHP Team Washington, USA We’re focused on writing this month, and the Big Skills blog gets specific about our approach. For middle- and high-school teachers, it’s difficult to address the entire range of students’ writing skill level. The Big History Project course helps teachers with scaffolding strategies and tools—including a single rubric, frequent formal and … Continue reading Teacher Takes: Writing in BHP