The Future: Predicting What’s Next

BHP Team You may have heard –David Christian, the father of the Big History Project, has written a new book. BHP teachers across the globe have been eagerly anticipating the release of Origin Story for months, and a few have already designed classroom activities based on portions of it. We highlight one such activity here, … Continue reading The Future: Predicting What’s Next

Thoughts on David Christian’s New Book, Origin Story

Craig Benjamin, Big History Professor, Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA David Christian has been the key figure in Big History ever since he essentially invented the genre back in the late 1980s. He changed my life when, as the supervisor of my PhD dissertation on ancient Central Asia, he invited me to join him … Continue reading Thoughts on David Christian’s New Book, Origin Story

“Origin Story” and the Future

Bridgette Byrd O’Connor, BHP Teacher Louisiana, USA Note from the BHP Team: This post references an excerpt from chapter 12 of David Christian’s new book, Origin Story, which you can download for free here.  The beauty of Big History is that from day one of teaching the course, we communicate to students that this is … Continue reading “Origin Story” and the Future