Changing Your Mind

Rachel Hansen, BHP Teacher Iowa, USA I bet Galileo threw his hands in the air at least a few times during his nine years of house arrest. The Roman Inquisition sentenced him to lifetime imprisonment after finding him guilty of heresy. What had Galileo done to deserve such a punishment? He made a claim ⎼ … Continue reading Changing Your Mind

Don’t Skip the First Few Units!

Chris Steussy, BHP Teacher California, USA A note from the BHP team: This blog was originally published as a part of BHP's free, online professional development course, Teaching Big History. To view the article there and learn even more about teaching BHP, visit the Teaching Big History portal. Looking for history? Look right here! That’s … Continue reading Don’t Skip the First Few Units!

Bringing Back Storytelling, One Activity at a Time

Kim Lochner, BHP Teacher Queensland, Australia For thousands of years, storytelling formed the essence of our education system. Children would sit at the feet of their elders and learn life skills through emotive stories. These stories imparted practical skills that young people needed to survive in their world. But these stories weren’t simply about survival. … Continue reading Bringing Back Storytelling, One Activity at a Time