What’s wrong with rigor? BHP will shift your mindset

by Bart Shaffer, BHP teacher Washington, USA Will my students just shut down? Can they really succeed with this amount of reading and writing? There’s no way they can keep up with this pace! This is TOO HARD! I teach at the most diverse high school in the state. With 58 languages spoken and kids … Continue reading What’s wrong with rigor? BHP will shift your mindset

Why I now teach BHP as a full course

I first heard about the Big History Project a few years ago, at a presentation by Bob Bain at the National Council of the Social Studies. The course intrigued me. Why? Well, like many teachers, I was concerned with history so frequently being presented as “one darn thing after another”—simply a list of facts to memorize and forget after the test.

The Power of Vocabulary

Kim Lochner, BHP Teacher Queensland, Australia When my husband collected me from the airport, he warned me that I might get a shock when I got home. Although I’d been away only two weeks, we were experiencing an oppressive Australian summer. There had been scorching temperatures and no rain; everything had turned brown and crisp. … Continue reading The Power of Vocabulary