Five reasons to teach Big History

Casey Lever, BHP Teacher Queensland, Australia ┬áTeaching the Big History Project course fosters a love of learning, a critical mind, and the courage to meet the future. First, let me make it clear where I am coming from: the Australian Curriculum: History provides a rigorous, traditional, and truly valid approach to the discipline of history … Continue reading Five reasons to teach Big History

BHP Exchanges Calendar

BHP Team Bookmark this page! BHP teachers are lifelong learners by nature, and monthly Exchanges are opportunities to connect with academics and educators on the front lines of research. Got questions about stars content from Unit 3? Enter: University of Michigan astrophysicist Cameron Gibelyou. Wondering about facilitating productive classroom discourse? We bring in instructional experts, … Continue reading BHP Exchanges Calendar

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: First Semester Reflections

Erik Christensen, BHP Teacher California, USA Note from the BHP Team:┬áThis is the final Teaching Diary entry for BHP teacher Erik Christensen. In this series of weekly blog posts by veteran BHP teachers, Erik shared his weekly plans, lessons-learned, and new ideas for activating learning in a BHP classroom for the first four months of … Continue reading Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: First Semester Reflections