Double Down on Writing

BHP Team Washington, USA In October, we shared an overview of the 10 Investigation writing activities that are woven into the BHP curriculum. This month, we revisit BHP’s writing focus with new materials from our professional development course, Teaching Big History. In the Big History course, writing is a tool for understanding history, and a … Continue reading Double Down on Writing

Two Reminders for Your Upcoming Virtual BHP PLC

BHP Team Washington, USA If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve likely registered for an upcoming virtual BHP PLC. Hooray! (If not, you can still register here!) Two reminders: Wear your pajamas.Seriously. There will be a contest for the most outrageous footed onesie. Do your 17 minutes of pre-work. (Find below.)To keep our short time … Continue reading Two Reminders for Your Upcoming Virtual BHP PLC

Upcoming Virtual PLCs and Office Hours

BHP Team Washington, USA Unless you’re really lucky, you’re the only BHP teacher in your school. Even if you are the only BHP teacher, you’re still lucky because you teach the best history course there is—and you don’t have to go it alone. Want to connect in real time with experienced BHP teachers? Maybe you’ve … Continue reading Upcoming Virtual PLCs and Office Hours