BHP Exchanges Calendar

BHP Team Bookmark this page! BHP teachers are lifelong learners by nature, and monthly Exchanges are opportunities to connect with academics and educators on the front lines of research. Got questions about stars content from Unit 3? Enter: University of Michigan astrophysicist Cameron Gibelyou. Wondering about facilitating productive classroom discourse? We bring in instructional experts, … Continue reading BHP Exchanges Calendar

Highlights from #NCSS18

BHP Team The annual National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) conference never fails to inspire! We just returned home from a fantastic weekend in Chicago, where we had the good fortune of connecting with BHP educators from around the country. Conversations with teachers always inspire new ideas for our approach to curriculum, community, and … Continue reading Highlights from #NCSS18

BHP now aligns with the Australian Curriculum standards!

BHP Team The Australian Curriculum exists to assist all Australian teachers, regardless of state jurisdiction or sector. Now, the Big History Project curriculum is mapped and aligned with the Australian Curriculum, providing rich and engaging opportunities for Australian students to develop valued historical knowledge, concepts, and skills, and the general capabilities taught throughout the Australian … Continue reading BHP now aligns with the Australian Curriculum standards!