5 Ways to Focus Your 2019/20 Planning

Jason Manning, BHP Teacher New York, USA Six years ago, I was presented with the exciting opportunity to teach a new course at Oceanside High School that would replace our ninth-grade curriculum. I took on the challenge and my Big History Project (BHP) journey began. Little did I know then, my teaching would forever be … Continue reading 5 Ways to Focus Your 2019/20 Planning

BHP Makeover: 2019 Edition

Rachel Hansen, BHP Teacher Iowa, USA I’ve been on the Big History merry-go-round for five years now. Let me tell you, it’s been an awesome ride, and it’s about to get better. With some shiny new content updates and robust skill progressions, you’re going to want to clean out your BHP closet to make room … Continue reading BHP Makeover: 2019 Edition

Virtual PLCs are here! (And, they’re free.)

BHP Team Washington, USA Recently, we announced our BHP Summer Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) in several cities throughout the US. At these sessions, BHP teachers meet face-to-face, learn about course updates, discuss challenges and best practices, and get a leg up on the new school year. We wish every teacher could attend. But since we’ve … Continue reading Virtual PLCs are here! (And, they’re free.)