Double Down on Writing

BHP Team Washington, USA In October, we shared an overview of the 10 Investigation writing activities that are woven into the BHP curriculum. This month, we revisit BHP’s writing focus with new materials from our professional development course, Teaching Big History. In the Big History course, writing is a tool for understanding history, and a … Continue reading Double Down on Writing

Bringing Back Storytelling, One Activity at a Time

Kim Lochner, BHP Teacher Queensland, Australia For thousands of years, storytelling formed the essence of our education system. Children would sit at the feet of their elders and learn life skills through emotive stories. These stories imparted practical skills that young people needed to survive in their world. But these stories weren’t simply about survival. … Continue reading Bringing Back Storytelling, One Activity at a Time

Updates to Investigation 0

Bob Regan, Big History Project Team Washington, USA Investigation 0 is our baseline writing assessment. We intend it to be used by teachers and our team to get a picture of students’ writing skills at the start of the year. To achieve this goal, we’ve designed this assessment to be completed by students without the … Continue reading Updates to Investigation 0